Jizz Meaning: What Does Jizz Mean? with Useful Text Conversations

What is “Jizz”? This online slang term may be a word you hear or see frequently in everyday conversation, texting and speaking. Here you will find the meaning of this word and the story of its origin with ESL infographic. You will also find some examples of how to properly use this internet slang word in conversations and other ways this term can be said while still conveying the same meaning.

Jizz Meaning

What Does Jizz Mean?

The term ‘jizz’ is used in a vulgar way to describe semen or cleaner way to describe sperm donor. ‘Jizz’ can be used in vulgarity or a simple conversation about getting sperm donated.

Origin of Jizz

The unique origin for the vulgar word for semen happened oddly. It occurred during the 1849 US tour showcasing the artwork of Welsh painter, Dafydd Morgan. The paintings were unique and not the type people were familiar with, so when asked what to call the style that consisted of strange white splatterings over the art.

Morgan commented to an interviewer that “It’s Smudgism”, which was misheard because of his thick, heavy accent. Instead, the interviewer heard “it’s my jism”. That misunderstanding led to today’s slang usage.

Conversation Examples

Now, how you may see this online slang term used.


  • Girl 1: I think I’m going to get a donor.
  • Girl 2: Really, so have a baby all alone?
  • Girl 1: Yes and I want the father to be nothing but a jizz doner. He will play no role in the child’s life and be responsible for nothing.
  • Girl 2: I think you may want to think about this decision a little longer.

Here a girl has decided to get a sperm donor, yet uses the term ‘jizz’ instead and her friend is trying to get her to think about her decision before going through with something she may regret later in life because all kids will want to know their father one day.

Jizz Meaning Infographic


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C. Menstain
C. Menstain
1 year ago

this j**z is his biz

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