100+ Other Ways To Say “According to” in Writing | ACCORDING TO Synonym

According to synonym! Following is a list of commonly used synonyms for according to in English with ESL images and useful example sentences. Learning these words to use instead of according to will help you enhance your English vocabulary.

According to Synonym

According to Definition and Examples

Meaning of According to:

This means concerning a statement or person. It also can be concerning something or someone. This adverb is used in many cases.


  • According to the doctor, everyone was late for their appointment this morning.
  • I met James and he told me it was according to your commands he formulated those plans.
  • The students were regrouped according to height and weight.

List of Synonyms for According to

Widely used synonyms for “according to”. 

  • As believed by
  • As claimed by
  • As determined by
  • As explained by
  • As mentioned by
  • As reported by
  • As specified by
  • As stated in/by
  • Based on
  • Conforming to
  • In accordance with
  • In relation to
  • In the light of
  • In the opinion of
  • Referring to

Large list of 100+ different words to use instead of “according to”.

  • Accordant with
  • According
  • According to it
  • According to reports
  • Accordingly
  • Adjusted to
  • After the manner of
  • Agreeable to
  • Agreeably
  • Agreeably to
  • Allegedly
  • Along with
  • Aloud
  • Amenably
  • As a function
  • As alleged by
  • As believed by
  • As claimed by
  • As demonstrated
  • As described in
  • As determined by
  • As explained by
  • As maintained by
  • As mentioned
  • As mentioned by
  • As per
  • As reported by
  • As required by
  • As said by
  • As said by someone
  • As seen in
  • As specified by
  • As stated
  • As stated by
  • As stated in
  • As stated in/by
  • Based on
  • By the data
  • Commensurate with
  • Concordantly
  • Conformable to
  • Conforming to
  • Conforming with
  • Consistent with
  • Corresponding to
  • Dependent on
  • Depending on
  • Following
  • From the perspective of
  • From the point of view
  • From the standpoint of
  • From viewpoint of
  • Heeding
  • Honouring
  • In a way that agrees with
  • In accord
  • In accordance
  • In accordance with
  • In agreement with
  • In assent with
  • In compliance
  • In concert with
  • In concordance with
  • In conformity with
  • In congruence with
  • In consonance with
  • In correspondence to
  • In fulfillment of
  • In harmony with
  • In keeping with
  • In light of
  • In line with
  • In obedience to
  • In one’s book
  • In opinion
  • In order
  • In proportion
  • In proportion to
  • In pursuance
  • In pursuance of
  • In relation
  • In relation to
  • In step with
  • In sympathy with
  • In the light of
  • In the manner
  • In the manner of
  • In the opinion of
  • It is believed by
  • Observing
  • On the authority of
  • On the basis of
  • On the report of
  • On the testimony of
  • On the word of
  • Proper to
  • Proportional to
  • Pursuant to
  • Referring to
  • Relative to
  • Suit
  • True to

According to Synonyms Infographic

ACCORDING TO Synonym: List of 15 Synonyms for According to in EnglishPin

Synonyms for According to

According to Synonyms with Examples

Learn another word for according to with example sentence.

  • As believed by

As believed by ancient legend, the river is a goddess.

  • As claimed by

As claimed by the police, his attackers beat him with a blunt instrument.

  • As determined by

As determined by, it’s a great movie.

  • As explained by

As explained by present law, the authorities can only punish smugglers with small fines.

  • As mentioned by

Philip stayed at the hotel, as mentioned by Mr Hemming.

  • As reported by

As reported by the Bible, God created man in his image.

  • As specified by

As specified by one survey, one woman in eight is infertile.

  • As stated in/by

As stated in the forecast it will be sunny tomorrow.

  • Based on

Based on my watch, it is already 2 o’clock.

  • Conforming to

Conforming to one survey, one woman in eight is infertile.

  • In accordance with

In accordance with her wishes, she was buried in France.

  • In relation to

These will be considered in relation to factors affecting the learning process.

  • In the light of

In the light of  later events the decision was proved right.

  • In the opinion of

In my opinion and in the opinion of most people, it is a very sound investment.

  • Referring to

Referring to my conversation with you today, I now enclose an order sheet for hosiery as specified.

Synonyms for According to with Examples | Infographic

ACCORDING TO Synonym: List of 15 Synonyms for According to in EnglishPin

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