Positive Words that Start with P (Adjectives, Verbs, Nouns)

Positive words are a perfect way to project confidence, productivity, and optimism. Positive words can even help you prepare for an interview or for interaction with your teacher!

Perhaps you’d like to peruse possibilities for a particular positive word. If so, you’re in luck! This list of positive words that start with P is organized by part of speech, and it’s also alphabetized. Each word includes one or more common or particularly positive definition!

Positive Words that Start with P

List of Positive Words that Start with P


  • Palatable
  • Palpable
  • Parental
  • Paternal
  • Patient
  • Peaceful
  • Peerless
  • Perceptive
  • Perfect
  • Personable
  • Phenomenal
  • Placid
  • Playful
  • Pleasant
  • Plentiful
  • Polite
  • Positive
  • Possible
  • Precious
  • Precocious
  • Premium
  • Pretty
  • Productive
  • Proficient
  • Proud
  • Pure


  • Pacify
  • Pamper
  • Participate
  • Peak
  • Persevere
  • Please
  • Praise
  • Produce
  • Project
  • Promote
  • Prosper
  • Purify


  • Pact
  • Pair
  • Paradise
  • Paragon
  • Pardon
  • Passion
  • Patience
  • Poise
  • Potential
  • Power
  • Prize
  • Professional

Positive Adjectives that Start with P

Adjectives are describing words. Specifically, they describe nouns. Positive description is a good way to help things look more positive!

Palatable – Food or drink that is tasty or pleasant to the mouth.

  • The meal was barely palatable.

Palpable – Feelings so strong that they seem tangible. Often used with “excitement.”

  • There is a palpable difference in their ages.

Peaceful – Calm and untroubled.

  • He could not imagine a more peaceful scene.

Perfect – Exactly as desired, without anything that should be changed.

  • This suit is perfect for me.

Placid – Calm and undisturbed. Can describe people’s emotions or can describe tangible things like water’s surface.

  • She sat still, placid and waiting.

Pleasant – Pleasing. Giving a sense of satisfaction or happiness.

  • I’ve got a pleasant little apartment.

Plentiful – Having enough of something, and something a little extra.

  • Tomatoes are plentiful in the summer.

Polite – Being nice, not rude.

  • He is always polite to everyone.

Positive – Upbeat, happy, looking on the positive side.

  • I’m absolutely positive it was him.

Possible – Able to be accomplished.

  • We need to explore every possible avenue.

Precious – Something valued and appreciated beyond most things.

  • We cannot afford to waste precious time.

Proficient – Able to do something well, like a pro.

  • He’s proficient at his job.

Positive Verbs that Start with P

Verbs are action words and tell what’s being done in a sentence. Positive verbs are a great way to make your words do something positive!

Pacify – To calm someone who is upset.

  • He tried to pacify the mob.

Pamper – To take care of and spoil someone.

  • They pamper themselves after a hard day at work.

Participate – To take part in an activity.

  • You may well participate with us in our gains.

Peak – To reach the very best something can be.

  • She’s at the peak of her career.

Persevere – To keep going, even when things are hard.

  • If you persevere with the work, you’ll succeed in the end.

Please – To make happy.

  • I’d like a cup of coffee, please.

Praise – To give compliments and other good feedback.

  • This guy is worth of our praise.

Produce – To make.

  • This is all locally grown produce.

Project – To speak or show in a way that carries a long way.

  • The project was more or less a success.

Promote – To advertise for or encourage people to take part in a thing.

  • We need to promote an open exchange of ideas and information.

Prosper – To do well, generally in life.

  • The high street banks continue to prosper.

Purify – To remove any dirt or imperfections.

  • They prayed to God to purify them.

Positive Nouns that Start with P

Nouns are people, places, and things. Positive nouns are a great way to be sure you’re talking about something positive!

Pact – An agreement like a promise, but usually more formal.

  • He made a pact with the devil.

Pair – Two things that go well together. Can refer to anything from socks to people.

  • I’ve got a pair of aces.

Paradise – A place that has a lot of desired things, is calming, peaceful, and perfect.

  • They all expected to go to paradise.

Paragon – A person who is considered an example of a particular good trait.

  • She was certainly no paragon of virtue!

Pardon – Forgiveness, in a deliberate way.

  • Pardon me – I didn’t hear what you said.

Passion – Excitement and a depth of emotion.

  • He spoke with great passion.

Patience – An ability to be calm and kind despite trying situations.

  • He doesn’t have the patience to wait.

Poise – Grace and elegance.

  • His performance was full of maturity and poise.

Potential – What people are capable of.

  • The potential savings are enormous.

Power – Ability to succeed or produce.

  • Dragon is regarded as a symbol of power.

Prize – An award for winning a contest of skill or luck.

  • His picture of cows won a prize.

Professional – A person who focuses on their job and its requirements.

  • The best professional musicians start young.

Possibly the perfect thing would be if you found this list of positive words that start with P particularly helpful! Peruse this list as often as you’d like.

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