4 Letter Words Starting with R | List of 130+ Four Letter Words Beginning with R

What are 4 letter words starting with R? The letter R is the 18th letter of the alphabet with a relative frequency of 7.3 % in the English written language. If you’re looking for 4 letter words starting with R, then you will see that your options are aplenty for these words are in abundance.

4 Letter Words Starting with R

What are 4 Letter Words?

The 4 letter words are short words that are composed of only 4 letters.

List of 4 Letter Words Starting with R

Following are 130+ 4 letter words starting with R and their meanings.

  • Race – a speed competition that determines the fastest runner, horse, vehicle, or boat to cover a set course.
  • Rack – a framework used for storage
  • Racy – a person of great vitality and spirit
  • Rads – plural of rad
  • Raft – a flat structure used as a boat or floating platform
  • Raga – In Indian music, it is a pattern of notes used as a basis for improvisation.
  • Rage – a violent and uncontrollable anger
  • Rags – plural for rag
  • Raid – a sudden invasion of an enemy in a warfare
  • Rail – a series of bars that serves as a fence or barrier
  • Rain – It is a kind of precipitation that causes water to fall from the clouds in separate drops.
  • Raja – an Indian ruler
  • Rake – an implement used for drawing together cut grass, fallen leaves, loose soil, or gravel.
  • Raki – is an alcoholic drink common in eastern Europe and the Middle East.
  • Rale – a rattling sound in the lungs that can be heard through a stethoscope.
  • Ramp – An inclined plane used in joining two different levels
  • Rand – a monetary unit of South Africa
  • Rani – a female counterpart of raja
  • Rank – a particular position in a hierarchy
  • Rant – a tirade
  • Rape – a type of sexual assault
  • Rapt – indicates a state of fascination over something that is seen or heard
  • Rare – a thing, event, or condition that is deemed uncommon
  • Rash – refers to an area of skin redness and spots
  • Rasp – a scraping noise
  • Rate – a fixed price or charge for a good or service
  • Rats – plural for rat
  • Rave – an exuberant gathering that involves dancing and drinking
  • Raze – complete destruction of a building or place
  • Razz – to tease someone in a playful manner
  • Read – the process of receiving characters or symbols through the eyes and interpreting them mentally.
  • Real – anything that actually exists or occurs
  • Ream – refers to a large quantity of paper, typically 500 sheets
  • Reap – the action of harvesting crops on a piece of land
  • Rear – at the back
  • Reck – to take notice of something
  • Redd – the act of putting something in order
  • Rede – advice or counsel
  • Redo – to do again
  • Reds – plural of red
  • Reed – is a weak person
  • Reef – a ridge of rock below the sea’s surface
  • Reel – a cylinder used in storing film, wire, or thread
  • Refs – plural for ref
  • Regs – abbreviation for regulations
  • Rein – a line or strap used to control an animal, especially a horse
  • Rely – to dependent on
  • Rend – to tear violently
  • Rent – a sum paid to an owner for the use of property or land
  • Repo – an item that has been repossessed
  • Reps – a representative
  • Rest – a period of relaxation
  • Rete – a network of blood vessels or nerve cells
  • Revs – to increase the speed of an engine
  • Rhea – a large bird with grayish-brown plumage common in South America
  • Rhos – the seventeenth letter of the Greek alphabet
  • Rial – a monetary unit of Iran and Oman
  • Ribs – plural of rib
  • Rice – the seed of a swamp grass commonly cultivated in southeast Asia
  • Rich – a large quantity of something
  • Rick – a stack of hay, corn, or straw
  • Ride – to be carried or supported by an animal or vehicle
  • Riel – a monetary unit of Cambodia
  • Rife – occurring in a widespread manner
  • Riff – a repeated phrase typically used as an introduction or refrain in a song
  • Rift – a crack in something
  • Rigs – to make a boat ready for sailing
  • Rill – a small stream
  • Rime – a frost formed by rapid freezing
  • Rimy – covered with frost
  • Rind – outer skin of a fruit
  • Ring – a circular object
  • Rink – an area for skating
  • Riot -a violent public disturbance
  • Ripe – a fruit or grain that’s ready for harvest
  • Rise – to get up from a lower position
  • Risk – a situation that exposes a person or thing to danger
  • Rite – a religious ceremony
  • Ritz – a luxurious accommodation
  • Rive – to split or crack
  • Road – a way that leads one from one place to another
  • Roam – to travel aimlessly
  • Roan – a horse coat pattern
  • Roar – a prolonged cry, especially that of a large animal
  • Robe – a loose outer garment
  • Robs – to take something without permission
  • Rock – a solid mass that has become detached from a cliff or mountain
  • Roil – to annoy or irritate someone
  • Role – a person’s part in a movie or play
  • Rolf – a massage technique
  • Roll – to turn over repeatedly
  • Romp – to play energetically
  • Rood – it refers to a cross placed above the chancel of a church
  • Roof – the upper covering of a vehicle or building
  • Rook – a piece in the game of chess
  • Room – a part of a home or building enclosed by walls, floor, and ceiling
  • Root – the part of a plant that grows downward into the soil
  • Rope – a strong cord composed of strands of natural or artificial fibers
  • Ropy – resembling a rope
  • Rose – a fragrant flower of the genus Rosa
  • Rosy – an adjective that suggests hope, happiness, and good fortune
  • Rota – a list showing that shows the turns of duty or leave for individuals in an organization or group
  • Rote – routine or repetition of a habitual or mechanical process
  • Roti – a flat, round bread cooked in a griddle
  • Roto – a term used to refer to the common people from Chile
  • Roue m- a man who indulges in sensual pleasures to a degree that is morally harmful
  • Rout – a chaotic retreat of defeated troops
  • Roux – a fat and flour mixture
  • Rove – to wander constantly
  • Rows – a line of seats
  • Rube – a socially awkward person from the countryside
  • Rubs – plural noun of rub
  • Ruby – a precious gemstone
  • Ruck – a tight pack of undistinguished crowd
  • Rudd – a freshwater fish with a silvery body and red fins
  • Rude – a display of disrespect
  • Rued – past tense of rue
  • Ruff – an item of clothing worn around the neck
  • Ruga – a fold, wrinkle, or crease
  • Rugs – plural of rug
  • Ruin – decay, collapse, or disintegration of a building or place
  • Rule – the exercise of power or authority
  • Ruly – neat and tidy
  • Rump – a person’s buttocks
  • Rums – plural of rum
  • Rune – a letter in the ancient Germanic alphabet
  • Runt – a small or weak person
  • Ruse – a trick
  • Rush – to move with haste
  • Rusk – a hard, dry biscuit
  • Rust – an iron and oxygen reaction that results in reddish or brownish patches on iron or steel
  • Ruth – an emotional state of pity, distress, or grief
  • Ryot – a term used for Indian peasants

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