Top 30 Inspirational Words Of Encouragement to Motivate Your Friends and Others

Inspirational words of encouragement! There may be many times throughout your life that you need to find the words to inspire and encourage a friend or family member, perhaps even a work colleague. However, when these important times arise, it isn’t always easy to find the right words. In this article, we are going to be taking a look at some ways in which you might deliver a message of inspiration and encouragement to someone who needs that little bit of a boost.

What Are Inspirational Words Of Encouragement?

When you share some inspirational words of encouragement with someone, you are giving them a little confidence boost to do something that they may be finding difficult.

There are many times that people might need to hear words like these, for example when starting a new job when starting a new school, when becoming a parent for this first time or perhaps when they are facing a difficult emotional challenge in their personal lives. Whatever the reason, giving an encouraging message can bring hope and support for the recipient.

Sometimes it can be difficult to face a challenging or intimidating time and we have all felt this at some point or another. So when it comes to sending some inspirational words of encouragement, whether that is face to face or through a card, text message, email or phone call, knowing the right thing to say can make all the difference.

Inspirational Words Of Encouragement

We are now going to look at some great things you can say to encourage someone you care about. We will break it down into three important categories to make choosing the right one even easier.

Inspirational Words For Someone Starting A New Job Or Chasing A Dream

Starting at a new position is always scary, or if you know someone who is perhaps starting out on their own with a new business venture. These inspirational words of encouragement will spur them on to do well.

  • You’re going to smash this! Believe in yourself!
  • Rome wasn’t built in a day! And although this new start may seem tiny now, think of how far you will have come in a year. You’re going to be amazing.
  • Have confidence; that’s what got you to where you are today and it is what will see you through from here.
  • I know you can do this; someone once said that you are always worthy of praise, so that is what I will give you right now. You’re the best!
  • Define what success means for you and chase it with all you have got!
  • Build your mountain with small stones, then it will grow high and mighty!
  • Starting this new venture will cause you to grow not only in your career but as a person as well.
  • If you find yourself in doubt about how far you will go, just look back at how far you have come!
  • Practise as though you have never won, perform as though you have never lost.
  • Don’t find a reason why you can’t but look for the reasons that you can.

Inspirational Words For Someone Who is Finding Life Difficult

At times, people might be finding life a bit of a struggle, but there is no need to fear. With some kind inspirational words, you can lift their spirits and remove any doubt that they may have had.

  • What happens in the future and what happened in the past are not as important as what is happening inside you.
  • Tough times do not last but tough people do!
  • Among the difficult times lies an opportunity!
  • The more you can improve yourself, the more you will see how great you really are and the more you can help those around you!
  • This is your path; it may be twisting at times but you always find your way back on to the straight and narrow. Keep looking forward.
  • Change isn’t always a bad thing; it can bring about the most wonderful things in life. Embrace it.
  • It’s OK to not feel OK.
  • The greatest joy can be found when we pick ourselves up after a fall and continue on to try again, but this time we succeed.
  • It’s hard to see your greatest strength until you have had to battle your biggest weakness.
  • Don’t be ashamed of your scars; they are simply evidence that you survived whatever caused them.
  • The bravest people aren’t those who simply have the strength to go on; they are those who go on when they have no strength.
  • In the future, you will look back at this time of your life and be grateful that you were given the opportunity to fight. You will be a better person for it.

Inspirational Words For Someone Who Is Becoming A Parent

Bringing a new life into the world can be one of the most beautiful yet terrifying times in anyone’s life, it can also require some encouragement. Here are some great things you might say to someone becoming a parent for the first time.

  • Take each day as it comes. Never try to be perfect; just be you and everything else will fall into place.
  • Love takes nothing; that’s all a child needs and that’s what you are best at offering.
  • Be present in the joy that this moment is bringing you.
  • Take care of the precious life that God has given you and that life will bring you more joy than you have ever known before.


Some simple inspirational words of encouragement are sometimes all it takes to lift someone’s spirits and put everything in perspective. On top of this, you will be making yourself feel good as you support and guide your friends and family with your beautiful and heartfelt words.

No matter what someone is going through in their lives, if they are finding things tough or facing a new challenge, you inspirational words of encouragement might be all they need to get them through.

Why not try some of the ideas we have shared the next time you need to inspire and encourage someone you know?

Inspirational Words Of Encouragement Infographic

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