FTFY Meaning: What Does FTFY Mean? Useful Text Conversations

What does FTFY mean? In this article, you will learn the definition and usage of this internet slang word with ESL picture and useful text conversations in English.

FTFY Meaning

What Does FTFY Mean?

FTFY stands for “fixed that for you.”

People use this texting abbreviation when they are correcting something or working together. It stands for “fixed that for you.” Like other internet slang expressions, the grammatically correct version of this would be, “I fixed that for you.” Just like in casual speech, this one drops the “I.”

Similar internet slang terms

A similar term is “FYP.” This means “fixed your post.” Here, post refers to something on a message board or social media.

This expression can also be used to troll other users for posting something. It can show a sort of sarcastic disapproval of the content of their post.

Although “FTFY” can be found in many platforms online, it is commonly used on Reddit where users engage in long threads of comments and discussions.

Conversation Examples

First example

  • Co-worker 1: Hey, did you get that document I sent you?
  • Co-worker 2: Yeah, I already read it. FTFY

Co-worker 2 read over co-worker 1’s work and fixed the mistakes in it.

Second example

  • Social media user 1’s post: I can’t wait to go climb Mt. Fuji in Tokyo.
  • Social media user 2: Mt. Fuji’s in Japan, but not in Tokyo. FTFY

For this example, social media user 2 is correcting social media user 1’s claim that Mt. Fuji is in Tokyo.

Third example

  • Social media user 1’s post: Batman is way better than Superman. The next movie will be AWESOME!
  • Social media user 2’s reply: Batman sucks and so will the next movie. FTFY

Here’s an example of trolling. Social media user 2 is showing that he disagrees with social media user 1’s post that Batman is better than Superman. This is a form of opinion so fixing it implies that something was wrong in the first place.

Other Meanings

  • Fifty
  • Finished That For You
  • Full Time, Full Year
  • First Time, First Year
  • Fixes Text For You
  • For The Fun Years
  • For The Full Year

FTFY Meaning Infographic


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