DDDD Meaning: How to Use the Trending Term “DDDD” Correctly?

DDDD Meaning! DDDD is a new acronym to have appeared in recent years. Learn the definition and how to use the internet slang word “DDDD” with ESL picture and useful text conversations in English.

DDDD Meaning

What Does DDDD Mean?

DDDD stands for “Double Dealing Deadly Daddy”. A DDDD is an older man, the titular “daddy” who is known to go behind the backs of women he is interested in or give promises he would never keep. The “deadly” aspect does not refer to the man being an actual murderer, but for playing around or toying with women for his own gain.

Origin of DDDD

Like many acronyms of the 21st century, the actual origin of DDDD is unknown, but it appeared to have started gaining traction during the 2010s around the time “daddy” became popular slang. The context with “daddy” is sexual in nature, where the “daddy” is an attractive or possibly unattractive older male who shows interest in younger women which are often called “baby girl” or “princess”. This usage of daddy evolved from the word “sugar daddy”, which means an older and richer male who would give younger woman money in return for sexual favors although there is the case when a “sugar daddy” only pays for the return of contact with a woman and nothing sexual occurs. As it stands, DDDD is commonly used in more urban areas, especially one with club scenes, and is mostly used by younger crowds. Being called a DDDD is not a compliment.

Other Meanings

DDDD can also refer to a woman who has father issues. Referring to a woman as a DDDD means that she is mentally unstable and will become extremely clingy if anyone shows her affection.

Conversation Examples

Text Between Friends

  • Friend 1: “Hey, gurl! You know that club down by 5th Street?”
  • Friend 2: “Yeah. The Coco Loco or something.”
  • Friend 1: “That’s the one. If you go there be careful there’s a DDDD lurking about. He’s an old dude, ugly mustache, wants to buy you and your cuties drinks. He’s bad news.”
  • Friend 2: “Thanks for the tip!”

Twitter Post

“UGH! I hate Jason! He’s nothing but a DDDD! Cheating on me? With my friend? And not even the hot one? UGH! Such a b******! #DDDD #KMS #FML”

Other ways to say the slang word

Like all acronyms, DDDD can be spelled with all lowercase or capital letters. A very uncommon variant of DDDD is “4D” or “Quad D”, but given these already have other meanings they are very rarely if ever, used for DDDD.

DDDD Meaning Infographic

DDDD Meaning: What Does DDDD Stand for? with Interesting ConversationsPin

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