AWL Meaning: How to Use the Trendy Term “AWL” Correctly?

The internet slang term AWL may be seen frequently when online, but what does this term mean and how can it be used? We are going to look at the answers to both of these questions by looking at some examples of conversations in which we might see the phrase. We are also going to take a look at where the phrase originally came from.

AWL Meaning

What Does AWL Mean?

The meaning of the internet slang term awl is “always with love” and is used in both texting and on the internet.

Origin of AWL

The internet slang term AWL is an abbreviation or acronym of the phrase to which it refers.

Other Meanings

There is another meaning to the internet slang term AWL, which comes from a game called Harvest moon and means a wonderful life.

Conversation Examples

There are many different conversations in which the internet slang term AWL can be used, we are now going to look at some examples of times the slang might be seen in conversations.

The first conversation is taking place between two friends on Facebook messenger.

  • Person 1: “We have been friends for so long now, time has flown.”
  • Person 2: “I know, it really has, I have enjoyed every minute of our friendship.”
  • Person 1: “You know that I think of you AWL.”

The next conversation is happening between two people who have met on a dating site.

  • Person 1: “We have been chatting for a long time on here now, would you like to meet up?”
  • Person 2: “Yes, I would. AWL from Katie.”

Other Ways to Say the Slang

There are many other ways in which you might express the meaning of the internet slang AWL, we are now going to look at examples of other things you can say which carry the same meaning.

  • with lots of love
  • always with love
  • all of my love

AWL Meaning Infographic

AWL Meaning: How to Use the Trendy Term "AWL" Correctly?Pin

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