AFAIK Meaning: What Does AFAIK Mean? Useful Text Conversations

What does AFAIK mean? Find out the definition and usage of the internet slang word “AFAIK” with ESL infographic and useful texting conversations in English.

AFAIK Meaning

What Does AFAIK Mean?

AFAIK stands for “as far as I know”. This expression can be used in a lot of situations.

We use it when we want to show that we believe something to be true but we are not one hundred percent certain if the answer we give is right or not. It shows that we have some knowledge about a situation or topic but we don’t know about it completely. It is very useful because we can also use it to protect ourselves if the information we give is wrong.

People can use it in many situations ranging from text messaging and email to social media posts and workplace communication.

Conversation Examples

Here are some examples used in daily English text conversations.

Example 1

  • Co-worker 1: Someone said there were some schedule changes this week. Is the meeting still happening on Friday?
  • Co-worker 2: AFAIK it is. I haven’t heard anything or received any emails saying that it has been canceled. I guess we’ll wait and see.

In this example, co-worker 2 says that the meeting will happen. Because he hasn’t heard anything, it should be true as far as he knows.

Example 2

  • Friend 1: Is it hard to get around Europe if you don’t speak the language in each country?
  • Friend 2: It can be depending on the place. A lot of people speak English in big cities afaik.

Here friend 2 is giving his thoughts on the situation. He uses this internet slang word because he doesn’t have first-hand experience and is relying on what he has heard or others have told him.

AFAIK Meaning Infographic


Other Ways to Say AFAIK

  • As far as I can tell
  • For all I know
  • Best of my knowledge
  • As far as I am aware
  • From what I understand
  • In my experience
  • As far as I’m concerned
  • From what I hear
  • Everything I know
  • From my understanding
  • As long as I can remember
  • What I understand is…
  • It is my understanding that…
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