AFK Meaning: What Does AFK Mean and Stand for?

What is “AFK”? What does this texting abbreviation stand for? Learn the definition, usage and other meanings for this internet acronym with interesting conversation examples and ESL infographic.

AFK Meaning

What Does AFK Mean?

AFK is the fastest way to say “away from the keyboard”.

This internet slang term will help others know you aren’t just ignoring them. People will use ‘afk’ many times when playing online games and wanting to leave their game online while they are busy at work and/or school. You can also use this if you are talking in a chat and want the other person to know you aren’t near your device.

Back in the 90’s ‘afk’ was started in online chat rooms and began to grow as the go-to phrase used in online gaming today. It is especially used in MMO games (Massively Multiplayer Online).

Conversation Examples

Example 1:

  • Girl Texter: Hey babe!
  • Boy Texter: How are you?
  • Girl Texter: I will brb.
  • Boy Texter: You have a good day?
  • Boy Texter: ??
  • Boy Texter: You there?
  • Boy Texter: Are you mad at me?
  • Boy Texter: Fine don’t answer.
  • Girl Texter: I was afk, omg
  • Boy Texter: o

One of the best reasons to tell someone ‘afk’ is when you are truly away from your keyboard. Here you watch a guy getting upset because he assumes the girl is still watching her device even though she is clearly nowhere near it.

  • brb – Be Right Back
  • o – Oh

Example 2:

While walking around an MMO game such as WOW (World Of Warcraft) you will find player characters sitting and standing in random locations not moving. When you walk up to them and check to see if you can interact with them, you will see their online status is marked as ‘afk’.

Other Meanings

  • All for Kill (gaming)
  • Absolute Frequency Keying
  • Astronomy For Kids
  • Away From Kitchen
  • A Free Kick
  • A Free Kill computer game
  • Anderson, Flesher, and Key
  • Absolutely Fearless King
  • Amazingly Fat Kid
  • Artifical Friendly Killer

AFK Meaning Infographic



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