Smut Meaning: What Does the Slang Term ‘Smut’ Mean?

The slang term “smut” is used to describe a particular type of fan fiction. If you have come across this phrase and were wondering the meaning of this term, then you have arrived to the right place. Below, you will see the meaning for this phrase, as well as information about its origin and some other meanings for the term.

You will also find some conversation examples that illustrate the proper usage of this term to help you gain a better understanding of its meaning. Finally, you will see some other words that you can use in place of this term without changing its meaning.

Smut Meaning

What Does Smut Mean?

This slang term is used on the internet and in text messaging to refer to fictional works of art that are of a sexual nature. It can refer to writing, drawings, animation, etc. where the characters are engaged in any sort of sexual activity.

Origin of Smut

This slang term has been used since the 17th-century and is directly derived from the German word “schmutzan” which means to corrupt or make obscene.

Other Meanings

There are two other popular definitions of this term. The first definition claims that this term can be used to describe a female who sleeps around with a lot of people. The second definition states that this term in a portmanteau of the words “smart” and “slut” with “slut” being another slang word to describe a female who sleeps around with many people.

Conversation Examples

A conversation via text message between two friends.

  • Friend 1: Eww! You won’t believe what I just found in my brother’s room while I was looking for a pencil!
  • Friend 2: What did you find?
  • Friend 1: A bunch of smut magazines hidden under his mattress. He is only 14, I didn’t even think he liked girls yet! LOL!

An online discussion among two Facebook users.

  • User 1: I broke things off with Jacob today. I am sad, but it had to be done.
  • User 2: What happened?
  • User 1: I have caught him talking to other chicks online and then today I was cleaning our bedroom and found a bunch of smut magazines.

Synonyms for Smut

There are several synonyms that you could use in place of this slang term. Some other terms that you could use include:

  • porn
  • pornography
  • obscene erotica

Smut Meaning Infographic

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